Summer just got home from a hard work out. She is wearing a really high cut shiny thong leotard, shiny pantyhose, white socks and sneakers. Her hair is in pig tails and her lip stick is bright red. But she doesn’t feel like fucking you. She says you can jerk off to her if you want. She knows you love feet, so she teases you about it while she poses sexy. Eventually she takes off her socks. Very slowly, taunting you by putting her feet in your face while she tells you to stroke and giggles. Then she dangles her perfect feet and kicks her legs, laughing while you cum. FOOT FETISH, HIGH CUT LEOTARD, SHINY PANTYHOSE, BIMBO, RED LIPSTICK, WHITE SOCKS, SNEAKERS, TEASING, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, GIGGLING, BIG TITS, BIG BOOTY, PERFECT BODY

Tags: footfetish foot feet leotard pantyhose bimbo lipstick socks sneakers tease joi giggling bigtits
Duration: 00:51

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